Digital Camera Flashes & Lighting

Better Photography Lighting

Proper lighting can make good pictures great. Digital cameras are extremely light sensitive. Too little light and your subject won't be seen, too much light and colors wash out to the point your subjects look like ghosts. Although there is much more to good lighting than just your flash, this is a good place to start. For starters, you have three types of flashes

Built-in Digital Camera Flash

This flash is likely part of your camera. If your budget does not allow an additional flash, adjusting flash output or redirecting the light will go a long way toward a better picture.

External Slave Flash

A slave flash is triggered by the built in flash on your camera. These flashes detect your built in flash and provide additional lighting when you need it. They usually have their own power source and are connected to your camera by means of a bracket.

This type of flash is less common on point-and-shoot digital cameras and more common on higher end models.

Other Lighting Options

Natural light is the best way to take a picture. You will find good indirect natural light in the shade, early morning, and early evening.