Camera Brand Comparison: FujiFilm Digital Cameras

FujiFilm has been producing digital cameras since 1988 beginning with the DS-1P. Fuji was the first to market a consumer digital camera which could record pictures on flash card media. Fuji continues to inovate in the digital camera world and has even begun to release 3D digital cameras

Where are FujiFilm digital Cameras Made?

FujiFilm cameras, for the most part are made in Japan although some cameras are also made in China. Fuji has a digital camera factory in Sendai, Japan. Cameras are put together by different teams of people performing specialized tasks.

FujiFilm Digtal Camera Models:

FujiFilm offers several models of digital cameras listed below with a brief description of what they are targeted for.

Reviews for FujiFilm Cameras

Ratings and reviews for Fujifilm digital cameras can be found at:

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