Digital Camera Types: Waterproof

Waterproof digital cameras popular for outdoor activities. These cameras are durable, compact, easy to use and built to go anywhere. This is the best digital camera type for snorkeling, taking to the beach, or even for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports previously off limits to your digital camera.


These cameras are also the best digital camera choice for kids. There is nothing worse than getting a new camera only to have the kids grab it, throw it in a backpack, bury it in the sandbox, etc. I've lost a few cameras to the kids over the years and only wish they were shockproof, sand proof, and rugged enough to take the abuse the kids dish out.

Waterproof Digital Camera Features to Look For

Best Waterproof Camera Brands :

Major digital camera brands sell rugged waterproof digital cameras. Each link opens the manufacturer's page.

dpreview maintains a nice database allowing side by side waterproof camera comparisons.

Reviews for Waterproof Cameras

Ratings for waterproof cameras can be found at:



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