Good Ways to Print Photos

Home Photo Printing Solutions

It used to be economical to print your photos at home. Problem was the ink just couldn't stand the test of time. Today's printers and inks have drastically improved but whether the savings is there or not is a matter of opinion when time and hassle are added to already the expense of printers and supplies.

Major brands for printing photos at home still include these and other brands:

  • Epson

  • Canon

  • HP

  • Sony

Professional Photo Printing Solutions

These solutions have come way down in price for digital prints over the last few years. Many of the big box stores like Costco or Sam's Club/Walmart have a photo departments and the quality of the prints is much better than found with home printing solutions. In addition, these stores are also beginning to offer specialty photo items like books, stickers, paintings, and more.

Online Photo Printing Solutions

Online photo printing stores are all over offering everthing you can imagine with your picture on it. Some offer added bonuses like picture storage and online albums which provide a great way to back up your photo memories.