Digital Camera Chargers & Batteries

MaH = Milliamp Hours Theorectically, the higher the number, the longer your battery should last. Unfortunately, manufacturer's may be inflating the Mah value to increase sales.


Overview – OEM batteries simply mean the manufacturer for the battery has contracted with a battery manufacturer to put their logo on it. Some will tell you this equals a higher quality battery less likely to fail or leak, but of course does not prevent either from happening. These batteries typically cost MUCH more than the aftermarket or 3rd party batteries.


Overview – Price, availability, bundled with travel charger, multiple purchase discounts and free shipping.


Sterlingtek –reliable batteries and may offer shipping discount for multiple purchases

EastGear – Located in Singapore

Eforcity- (CJ) (Share a sale) – located in Arcadia, CA


Shopping tips

Point and Shoot digital cameras are smaller that DSLR cameras. These cameras are perfect for on the go shooting by anyone and even professional photographers carry one or two around for that quick candid moment or as a backup to their other equipment.