Camera Brand Comparison: Olympus Digital Cameras

Olympus was one of the first compact digital camera makers beginning with their Camedia C-800L in 1996. Other camera manufacturer's were making digital cameras but this one used Smart Media cards instead of built in flash memory. The 800L had only 810,000 pixels but their C-860L was introduced at 1.31 megapixels. A full history of Olympus Digital Cameras can be found by clicking here.

Where are Olympus digital Cameras Made?

Olympus digital cameras are made in Vietnam (digital camera lenses so far), Japan (Olympus Headquarters), and China. Its factories in China are in Shenzehen, GuangDong factory and the Pan Yu factory is located in Guangzhou, GuangDong, China.

Olympus Digtal Camera Models:

Olympus offers several models of digital cameras listed below with a brief description of what they are targeted for.

Reviews for Olympus Cameras

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