Digital Camera Types: DSLR Digital Cameras

DSLR digital cameras are best for professional photographers or aspiring pros. DSLR cameras give control to the photographer to change lenses, control lighting, and focus manually on the fly HOWEVER, these features unique to DSLRs come at the expense of user friendliness and put the DSLR at a price higher than the "point and shoot" models.


If you are serious about photography, a DSLR is definitely the way to go. Learning how to take a good picture with a DSLR should be simple, especially with the choice of online photography classes and, of course, our simple photography tips pages. If you are looking for the best entry level DSLR, you may check used DSLRs, refurbished DSLRs.

DSLR Digital Camera Benefits Include:

Digital DSLR Trade Offs:

With digital cameras, you don't get something for nothing so here are some potential trade offs with a Point and Shoot digital camera..